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Calvin and Hobbes Fans!!!

Calvin and Hobbes Fans
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Here is a community that admires the comic strip that was 'Calvin and Hobbes', created by Bill Watterson. Feel free to post strips, pictures, qoutes, or anything in general that you feel is Calvin and Hobbes related!

There are only 6 rules:
1. NO OFF TOPIC POSTS. If it doesn't concern Calvin & Hobbes, then it doesn't belong here. There are about 40,000 other LJ communites ranging in a wide variety of topics that are sure to be what you're looking for.
2. Please do not post quizes, even if they are Calvin and Hobbes related. The community has seen plenty of these quizzes and even if the quiz may be new to you, it's not to us. One posted quiz is followed by 500 more. Please keep these in your own journal.
3. Don't advertise your community here unless its another Calvin and Hobbes community or another comics community (Just trying to keep the conversation C & H related) :) Advertise your communities over here -> community_promo
4. No fighting. This isn't 3rd grade. If you disagree with someone, fine. Be mature about it.
5. We've all seen them. The infamous and copyright violating 'Calving peeing on _______' stickers. Or Calvin praying stickers. We all hate them. We've all discussed their pointlessness and degrading qualities in the community before, which strangely enough, leads to argurments between users for whatever childish reasons. So I have to ask that you please don't post any topics dealing with the stickers because it just leads to fights. We all hate the stickers, we can agree on that!
6. Enjoy the community and relive the good ol' days when Calvin and Hobbes were in the paper.

** Note: This community displays full-size Calvin and Hobbes comics so everyone can enjoy them. Please do not ask users to use lj-cuts, these comics were meant to be enjoyed! If you do not want the comics to mess up your friends page, you can de-friend the community while still remaining a member. Of course, you still have the option of lj-cutting if you wish, it is perfectly acceptable. You just don't have to. Thanks again for understanding and enjoy! :)

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Worthwhile Links to some great Calvin and Hobbes Animated .GIF sites -

Useless Graphics site. Great .GIF files!
Another great .GIF site, well-organized.

Another great site -
Calvin and Hobbes Ressurection

This site is in no way assiociated with ucomics.com or Bill Watterson. Calvin and Hobbes is © to Bill Watterson. This is simply a free fan tribute site where we can admire Bill Watterson's work. Some of the GIF animations were created by the wonderful Martijn Reemst. Please visit his fantastic site here. Also, please visit the offical Calvin and Hobbes site here.

Calvin and Hobbes are love.

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